Rosehill Mouldings

Working With The Past - Preserving The Future

Rosehill Mouldings has over 30 years experience in manufacturing products from recycled rubber tyres.

Did you know that an estimated 450,000 tonnes of waste tyre rubber is created each year in the UK alone? This equates to a massive 90 million vehicle tyres going to waste with the vast majority either being burned or going to landfill!

All Rosehill Mouldings products are made from 100% raw materials reclaimed from truck and car tyres, bonded using our own unique binders in our high pressure presses.

We utilise this increasing volume of waste tyres to make environmentally friendly products suitable for a range of applications including sound insulation, flooring and balcony tiles, play mats, ballistic tiles, industrial applications and traffic calming products.

As the number of worn out tyres increases so does the impact on the environment. Rosehill Mouldings utilises worn out tyres to manufacture products which help to produce “low carbon” products in an environmentally sustainable way.

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